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The concept of the game is a cross between a traditional labyrinth puzzle, where the player is challenged to tilt a wooden maze to guide a ball to a goal, avoiding traps in the board and a Falldown-style game where the player must avoid becoming trapped in a location that prevents them from keeping up with a constantly moving view of of the game world.

This combination of elements results in fast-paced gameplay requiring both accuracy and speed from the player, and early user feedback has been very positive, indicating that the game is fun and addictive.

The name was born from a working title - Labyrinth iOS, reflecting the development platform. However, we noticed that we could have a fun ‘double-meaning’ name by concatenating the words, adding an Greek feel with the -ios suffix meaning ‘pertaining to’, resulting in Labyrinthio.

Labyrinthio Title Image
Labyrinthio Title Image